This is the schedule of weekly shiurim, chaburot, and other learning opportunities with OU-JLIC Brandeis.
Classes meet in the Beit Midrash (located in the basement of Shapiro Residence Hall Room 10B, Massell Quad) unless otherwise noted.
Schedule changes will be publicized in BOO announcements.

Brandeis Kollel

Time: Sunday- Wednesday 9-10 PM
We are pleased to present the all new Brandeis Kollel! Come join the multitude of students learning in the beit midrash several nights a week. Feel free to come join for however long you can! Refreshments will be served​

How to Master Mishna Brura

Rabbi David Pardo
Time: Monday 8:00 PM
In a weekly series, unlock the skills to read and independently interpret the Mishna Brura, the most ubiquitous and authoritative code of halakha in use today. Paired learning to be followed by a skills shiur, with notes from modern day poskim.​

G-d, Gods and Hashem

Rabbi David Pardo
Time: Tuesday 8:00 PM
Enter the Jewish conversation about the most taken-for-granted borderline-taboo topic in Judaism: G-d. Who is G-d, why does it matter, and so what? Referencing sources and thinkers spanning thousands of years, we will confront the ideas that paved the way for civilization as we know it.

The Variety Show

Rabbi David Pardo
Time: One hour before Mincha, Shabbat afternoon (International Lounge)
Morality, slavery, revenge killing, eugenics, democracy, philosophy, non-philosophy, and electric eye toilets. An entertaining Shabbat afternoon shiur covering a wide range of topics and interests.

Who really wrote the Bible chabura

Ariel Pardo
​Time: Tuesdays from 9p-10p in the Beit Midrash
Thursdays from 12p-1p in Sherman
So, who really wrote the Bible? Join Ari Pardo to get some compelling and sophisticated answers to some of the most confounding and challenging ideas you may find in the lecture hall.