Rabbi Ariel Cohen and Dorit Muskin Cohen

Prior to coming to Brandeis in fall 2021, Rabbi Ariel and Dorit Cohen had been living in Jerusalem with their children, Ivri, Eliyah and Yinon. The Cohens love hosting shabbat meals and their table is always filled with guests from around the globe from various backgrounds.

Rabbi Ariel is a native-born Israeli, hailing from Jerusalem. Ariel learned in Yeshivat Eli both before and after his army service, where he served as a commander and sniper in an elite unit. Ariel earned his CPA from Machon Lev and practiced at Ernest and Young. Ariel was a part of the Musmachim Kollel through Mizrachi, studying for Smicha under Rav Benyamin Zimmerman and Rav Rimon. Ariel can often be found exploring a new hiking trail, organizing the local Minyanim or tutoring adolescent immigrants in Hebrew and Judaic studies while playing basketball or soccer.

Dorit grew up in West Orange, NJ, but she always dreamt of making Aliyah. Dorit attended Stern College for Women and then worked as a Beit Midrash Fellow at SAR High School. Shortly afterwards, Dorit made Aliyah. She studied school psychology at Ben Gurion University and education at David Yellin College in Jerusalem. Dorit is an English reading specialist and a School Psychologist for the municipality of Jerusalem. Dorit also trained with Rabanit Shani Taragin to become a Kallah teacher. Dorit is passionate about helping immigrant children and their parents acclimate in the Israeli school system. When she can find the time, Dorit enjoys reading, swimming, hiking and a good cup of coffee with family and friends.


To contact Rabbi Ariel:  cohenar@ou.org 

To contact Dorit: doritcohen@ou.org