Join OU-JLIC at Brandeis and support our Haggadah Project 5779. This Haggadah is comprised of contributions from students, alumni, faculty, and R’ Isaac and Tal Attia, and will reflect the unique Torah, values, and spirit of the Brandeis community! Your generous contribution will go towards more learning, home hospitality, and programming on campus!

OU-JLIC Haggadah Front and Back Cover

Diamond Section Sponsor
Kadesh- Richard Cohn and Orna Teitelbaum in honor of Eli Cohn and the Brandeis Jewish community
Hallel-Paul Marks and Barbara Gold Marks in honor of Aaron Marks

Platinum Section Sponsor
Kadesh-Shara and David Israel in honor of Yoni Israel’s Graduation
Karpas-Pierre Gentin in honor of Ariella Gentin of whom we are so proud!
Tzafun- Adam and Julie Schair in honor of Sam Schair, and in honor of the Attias and OU-JLIC

Gold Dvar Torah Sponsors
Ruth Levi in honor of DJ-RO-$$, Shira Levie & Rabbi Bob Carroll ’81
Rabbi Joel Hecker and Frannie Pollack in honor of Shai Hecker for his contribution to the Brandeis Jewish community and Haggadah.

Silver Dvar Torah Sponsors
Debbie Eisenstein in honor of Ben Eisenstein
Brigitte Wintner in honor of Sara Wintner
Sandra Lilienthal in honor of Liora Lilienthal
Cindy and Joel Bauman in honor of Ilana Bauman and the entire Class of 2019!! and in honor of Rabbi Isaac and Tal Attia and the wonderful Brandeis Jewish Community!
Barry and Nancy Lefkowitz in honor of our daughter Madeline Lefkowitz and her involvement in the Brandeis community
Ari and Marlyn Jaffe in honor of Ben Jaffe, Class of 2020. We love you and are extremely proud of your contributions to JLIC at Brandeis. Love, Mommy and Daddy
Dr. Elliot and Aliza Haber in honor of Ezra Cohen and the Brandeis graduation class of 2019

Bronze Dvar Torah Sponsors
Brian and Lynn Gordon in honor of Aaron Gordon for his passion and involvement the Brandeis Jewish Community
Hyim Shafner in honor of Yonah Shafner
Beth Popp and Abshalom Meiri in memory of R’ Meir ben Abshalom z”l (Yahrzeit Erev Pesach)
Debra and Bruce Hoffen in honor of Frances Hoffen
Lisa and Steven Gronowitz in honor of Jessie Gronowitz- we are so proud of you and your contributions and involvements at Brandeis and the JLIC
Noel and Ailene Nusbacher in honor of Elisha Penn
Steven Penn in honor of  the graduation of our Son Elisha Penn
Avi and Alissa Ossip in honor of Jonathan Ossip
Robert and Beth in honor of our wonderful daughter Yehudit Fox
Judith Ellen Mohr in honor of Rav Isaac & Tal Attia with deep appreciation from the Mohr family
Eran Bellin in honor of Lowell and Talah Bellin, grandparents of Sharona
Eitan Fiorino and Deborah Goldberg in honor of Shoshana Fiorino
Janice, Nathan and Sigalle Bahary in honor of Ayelet’s upcoming graduation
Ruth and Seth Berkowitz in honor of Batsheva Berkowitz
Deborah and David Stanhill in honor of Hadassah Stanhill
David and Shani Schwartz in honor of Becky Schwartz
Mollie Blaum-Sherbin in honor of Judith Sherbin